Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 28 Orange X

All the way from London, artist Emily Jones presents Orange House Action Clinic at S1. Some of her past work has themed water. It is an essential life ingredient and we have not heard the last of its shortages and destructive excesses. So it is a good subject for art exploration. Jones also titles her works and projects in that cryptic and poetic YBA-way. Actually I enjoy that. But the announcement for the show is pure artbabble which could be summarized as "because semiotics". Nonetheless you should go. Friday there is a panel discussion with the artist Friday at 7. Orange House Action Clinic opening at S1 4148 NE Hancock Map 6PM-9 Free

The TED Talks, sometimes they are interesting. A little too cheerful? Often. But the TED conferences musical curation is never thought provoking.

Portland's TED conference 2015 is themed on tomorrows. They have an art show to go along. Artists include Jonathan Case, Wendy Given, Skye Walker, Kyle Beck, Chelsea Parker Guidry, Nic Eldridge, Nick LaVecchia, Meg Kaczyk, Heather Noddings, Betsy Walton, Blaine Fontana, Nathan Rhoads, Lanakila MacNaughton, Kara Burke, Amanda Leigh Smith , Andrio Abero, Asher Moss x Melodi Meadows, Brian Madden, John Brown, Cameron Stewart, Dan Schechter, Jake Hollomon, Jordan Sowers, Josh O’Renick, Jud Nichelson, Justin Morris x Nicolle Clemetson, Justin Flood, Laura Austin, Jeff Luker, Nishat Akhtar, Jason Sturgill, Matt Sundstrom, Santiago Uceda, Anton Pearson of The Pressure , Tina Snow Le, Toby Grubb and Chris Hornnecker. In a nice touch, the conference attendees receive a book of the artists' work and a print. We sincerely hope it has more gravitas than the music in its curation.

The Visions of Tomorrows art show for TEDxPortland 2015; tonight is a ticketed reception-party, Friday it is open to the public 11AM-2PM. At Union/Pine 525 SE Pine 7PM-10 Free with ticket