Friday, August 21, 2015

August 22 Jack In To The Matrix

Virtual Reality Movies. Yes, that is where you wear immersive goggles and enter the video. When you turn your head, the video is rendered in stereo3D as if you moved your gaze in the real world. This is very early in the art form, experimental. Each viewer is supported by a dedicated computer to render their specific view in the instant.

The first virtual reality film festival is today in Portland, Oregon. You can read about it at That it is in Variety says something. Tickets are at And you can tell you grandkids, 'Oh, yeah I was at the first one', if you can get them to unplug for a moment to listen. The Kaleidoscope Virtual Reality Film Festival at Flex Space, 1307 NW Overton. 3:30PM-8 $15