Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24 Self Reflection and Forest for the Trees

Sara O’Keeffe, curator at the New Museum in New York, speaks on her experience curating the museum's 2015 Triennial. The curatorial themes included: "What are the new visual metaphors for the self and subjecthood when our ability to see and be seen is expanding, as is our desire to manage our self-image and privacy? Is it possible to opt out of, bypass, or retool commercial interests that potentially collude with national and international policy? How are artists striving to embed their works in the world around them through incursions into media and activism?" Should be a brainy talk, O’Keeffe graduated from Reed in 2010 with a degree in art history. The talk is at Reed College in the Chapel 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd. 6:30 Free

For a long time, murals were essentially banned in Portland. The City felt that the intersection of the Oregon constitution and the desire to control billboards also required banning murals. That logjam was eventually unstuck, unleashing some great mural making. One project is the Forest for the Trees NW project.

Each year has expanded and there are 29 international artists this year. Tonight is a concert kick off for this year's murals. Portugal the Man performs. Forest for the Trees kickoff pop party at White Owl Social Club 1305 SE 8th. 8PM $5