Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 20-25 NTVTY VI

The Xhurch is an Alberta former church and now current artist live, work, show, gallery and dream portal.

It fits in with its protagonist's larger documentation of former churches, repurposed: And it vibes with contemporary spiritual and mysticism remixing in art and culture.

This Xhurch's churchly origins have been remembered yearly for the last five years with artist-realized nativity scenes. This is the sixth year.

Each year is different. Their Alien Nativity Scene, NTVTY II, was stellar and could be repeated in today's heated political climate. Jesus, of course, was an alien, and so were his parents.

NTVTY III was a mirrored birth canal time tunnel star portal accompanied by music from MSHR.

NTVTY VI incorporates virtual reality experiences which began with NTVTY V, a live nativity scene a'la NTVTY I, video installation, fashion-forward costumes and, of course, experimental music every evening.

Musicians are Sunday, Ant'lrd; Monday, Entity; Tuesday, Sean Pierce; Wednesday, Justice Miracle; Thursday, Mike Erwin; with Friday's band to be announced. The musicians play at 7PM-8ish as a live accompaniment to the nativity. Strongly recommended.

NTVTY VI at Xhurch 4550 NE 20th. Map 7PM-9 Donations appreciated