Sunday, December 06, 2015

December 8 Mind the Precipice

The Precipice Fund is a Warhol Foundation-funded small grant program for Portland artists and spaces. The grants are small, up to $5000, and are offered for a year, but not the next year to the same organization. But the groups receiving them have had a great impact on Portland contemporary art.

The grantees for 2013 were 12128 Microresidencies, Amur Initiatives Media and Research, Container Corps, C.O.P.S, The Cosmic Serpent show, Experimental Film Festival Portland 2014, Eights, Issue No. Two, FalseFront, Front newspaper, M.A.S.S., Not Too Distant Futures, Portland Museum of Modern Art, Resident Residency, Random Access Tape / Stream Room Installation, S1, Arresting Power film, Sensingfeelingperceiving, Spreading Rumours, Weird Shift Storefront.

In 2014 they were At the Drive In, BCC: BrownHall, Composition, Environmental Impact Statement, Free Spirit News, I’d Rather Goya Robbed Me of My Sleep than Some Other Son of a Bitch, Habitat, HQHQ Project Space, Moving Out, Muscle Beach, One Flaming Arrow, Physical Education, Portland Pataphysical Society, Prequel, Radical Imagination Gymnasium, Surplus Space, TakerLab, They said don’t bring her home, Worksound International.

Many will be familiar to Portlandorusnow readers.

The new year's recipients will be announced this evening, and each of them will briefly describe their project. After will be a party.

Since all the applicants, their friends and everyone we know will be there, it should be fun!

Precipice Fund awards and party at 415 SW 10th, 3rd floor. 6PM-midnight Free