Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 30 Lost Rae Among Many

The Portland Mausoleum, overlooking Oaks Bottom is only open to the public once a year, today. The project started with the construction of a chapel and funeral home in 1901. In 1910 construction started on the mausoleum which was further expanded.

Because of destructive visitor behavior, the mausoleum was closed to all visits but family members. But they do open to the public once a year to wander. It is a good, but unusual photoshoot opportunity. Be respectful. There is a lot of juju there prepared to rain down on miscreants.

From 12-2 the Rae family crypt, locked year around except for family members will be shown. There may be a line, seriously.

Mausoleums are a loss leader. They require expensive building upkeep compared to cemeteries with a declining new base of customers. Same with the funeral business which was dramatized in the series Six Feet Under. That has led to consolidation in the business, with the Wilhelm family business purchasing the facility. Hey, if you are planning ahead, maybe they can plan for you even if you are scattering your ashes, which I personally think is a great idea!

And it wouldn't hurt to thank the staff for accommodating visitors. It is a residential neighborhood, be polite with parking, it is near the Orange MAX Bybee station, or go by bike.

Portland Mausoleum open to the public 6705 SE 14th 9AM-6PM Free