Saturday, May 07, 2016

May 7 Kids Dissolved, Dismantled+

Nationale drops the book, Kids in Love, by photographer Olivia Bee. She made the photographs when she was in high school in Portland, and has been blazing a career, now at age 22, in Brooklyn without an art degree. She has a Kodachrome color palette which works well with the material. At Nationale 3360 SE Division Map 4PM-6 Free

Dissolved/Dismantled is fiber + painting by Cassandra Holden and photography + printmaking by Dominique Saks. The show is organized as Split Projects, curators Sam Hopple and Taryn Wiens, who seek artist pairs, who have not previously shown in Portland, for duo shows. Rainmaker, the indoor project of Signal Fire hosts this month. at Rainmaker Artist Residency 2337 NW York St, # 201 6PM-9 Free

The cello range in pitch is like that of the human voice. Beautiful set of overtones we love.

Zoe Keating is a contemporary cellist. She lived in Portland for a time. She was a founding member of the Portland Cello Project and played in many other ensembles. Now she is known for her layered and looped solo work with electronics.

Zoe Keating plays this evening at the Aladdin Theater 3017 SE Milwaukie 8PM $20