Saturday, October 15, 2016

October 15 Not Yet Seen

Arnold Joseph Kemp is a minimalist artist with thought-based naming of pieces. He graced PNCA as a faculty member and has now moved to a position as a dean at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which matches his aesthetic well.

This show is entitled Not Yet Seen and has this poetic description: "On view in this derelict garage are works that provide a lens for viewing the body. Here color sits on color and masks upon masks. The objects are muted, resting. They are cast by lineage and history. This is a frame which can be compared to light passing through a lens. In this space, objects (bodies) pass as they are captured. They refract into new beings--into new forms not yet revealed."


At Cherry & Lucic 4077 NE 7th, enter on Mason 6PM-9:30 Free