Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 17 Equilibrium: The Human Mash Up

The Human Mashup is a collaborative project of the Working Artists Studio-Gallery, visualists, DJ's, the Software Association of Oregon and developer Brad Malsin's Olympic Mills/B&O Warehouse Building in its gallery helmed by Chris Haberman. Wherecamp, with other events later, is also involved.

Working Artists principal, Adrienne Fritze, issued a call to artists for work themed on the survival of all species in a changing planet. The show is the result. Artists Adrienne Fritze, Angela Gay, Dante Cohen, David Burke, Jack Gabel, Jesse Lindsay, Judy Devine, Lea Keohane, Mario Robert III, Richard Schemmerer, Rio Wrenn, Sabina Haque and Theresa Weil participate. We hope these mashups will continue to bring creatives from radically different communities together, sharpening the art dialog.

3 hours only. At 107 SE Washington. 4PM-7 Free