Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31 Holloween and Elections

I am very serious about elections. In many other countries, people are literally loosing their lives to vote. But politics and voting are fun and exciting too, it is an opportunity for optimism. Changing the world is a challenge, it should be a fun challenge! Trick or Vote is the Bus Project's very fun effort to get voters to turn in their mail ballots. It's a nation wide effort in some other cities reminding people to vote, person to person. In Portland come in costume at 3:30PM or 5:30PM to Audio Cinema, 226 SW Madison. Bring your friends! Groups will head out from there to neighborhoods where they will knock on doors reminding people to VOTE! After there is a free party for volunteers at the same meetup location. ($10 for non volunteers) At 1000 realistically idealistic people, it will be the funnest party in Portland! Details