Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 27 Matt McCormick on Film

The slow food movement proposes local ingredients, minimally processed with loving care and consumed with gentle relish. It is the opposite of fast food. Many question other forms of human endeavour, spawning slow movements in design and other activities. In a way, slow is not exactly the right adjective, it is more about appropriate speed and intent.

Mat McCormick's films are slow films in intent; they are really not slow though. They are perfectly adapted to our place. They allow the viewer to enter quietly without being browbeaten by action or theatrics. They unfold quietly and manifest themselves unexpectedly. McCormick created and ran the PDX Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival for a few years which he curated with like films.

His work spans documentary-like material, public service announcements, friends' music videos, art installation and increasingly projects with actors, including a recent feature which has just finished shooting.

See McCormick show and speak on his work at the PSU Monday Lecture Series. This series has been consistently engaging. It has moved to a new location - Shattuck Hall, Room 212, early arrival recommended. 7:30PM Free