Sunday, February 08, 2009

February 10 Noh Cave Art

Paintings on the wall of a cave in Lascaux, France are one of the earliest records of art making in the service of society - 16,000 years old. Made in the Würm Ice Age, they recorded knowledge of hunting, critical for survival. This predates the hypothesized breakdown of the bicameral mind, leading to rapid modern development, about the time of the Greek civilization. Professor emeritus George Johanson taught at PNCA (the Museum Art School) from 1955 to 1980. He recently visited the caves and speaks of his experience. At PNCA 13th and NW Johnson 6:30PM Free

Noh is an ancient minimal theater of Japan. Tonight Shizuka Mikata performs Noh in its sublime authenticity. Accompanied by actor Michiharu Wakebayashi, flute player Manabu Takeichi, Kotsuzumi drummer Ichiro Kichisaka and Otsuzumi drummer Masaru Kawamura, Mikata performs and speaks of his art. "Shizuka Mikata was born in Kyoto in 1966 as the eldest son of Noh performer Ken Mikata. He made his first appearance on the professional stage at the early age of 5, followed by his first leading role at 12. Mikata went on to apprentice with legendary Noh master and Japanese living national treasure Kurouemon Katayama." So this is the real deal.

Noh is very, very, very slow and formal, so be prepared. Just YouTube Noh. Maybe we can learn to slow down sometimes to the Japanese vibe. Wabi sabi is a great frame in these times too.

Sponsored by the Japan Foundation. At the Performing Arts Center Winningstad Theatre. 1111 SW Broadway x Main downtown, 7PM sharp. Free