Monday, February 02, 2009

February 3 How to Start a Clean Energy Business

Both our president and Thomas Friedman believe innovation in clean energy is our only path to our growth and prosperity. Despite a pullback in VC funded tech ventures, the money is still flowing into energy ventures. The federal government and states are directing expenditures now into promising projects. Exactly how would someone with a brilliant idea make it happen? Find that out tonight.

Panelists include Ravi Sinha of Choices Solar Corp, Sandra Walden of Commercial Solar Ventures and Ravi Naiknaware, cofounder and CTO of Azuray. Bring your ideas and questions, this is an interactive session.

Program by the TiE Oregon clean energy special interest group. Register at the website. At Perkins Cole Offices 1120 N.W. Couch Street, 10th floor. 6PM-10. Members $5/10, Students $10, else $15.