Sunday, February 08, 2009

February 12 Innovation / Symbolism / Art Stuff

Office PDX is the lone outpost for modern design on Alberta. The psychological support provided by subcultural reassurance in an Oregon Country Fair vibe supports for some Maslow's heirarchy, as it should.

The Office partner duo has a different focus: mid 20th century design to now, which draws psychological sustenance from a Bauhaus philosophy that continually evolving aesthetics support the aspirational needs of all. It is the progressive pole of the brain chemical dynamic of novelty and familiarity.

Tonight Office presents Innovation in a Recession, by Skylab, Laika, Nike. Each has a different timescale: films many years, architecture a few fewer, shoes months.

At Office 2204 NE Alberta Street 6PM RSVP required - Free

Meanwhile at the Art Institute, University of New Mexico professor of design Maggie Macnab speaks on symbolism in design in support of her new book Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication. It is a purpose focused view of visual semiotics, something we do without being conscious of it but as a designer is useful to know. At the Art Institute of Portland 1122 NW Davis 7PM rsvp required to Allena Baker at abbaker (at) Free

M K Guth is a Portland OG craft artist who transitioned to art with schooling in NYC. A forte is video art; work at the Portland Art Museum in installation has shown also at the Whitney Biennial. Guth speaks on some other projects at the museum. At the Portland Art Museum 6PM Free or museum admission