Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 12 Craft+Design MFA Open House

The history of craft extends back into prehistory. In Portland a notable event was the establishment of an Oregon crafts school, now Oregon College of Arts and Craft in 1907; and the founding of what has become the Museum of Contemporary Craft in 1937. PNCA, founded in 1909, originally associated with the Portland Art Museum, itself founded in 1892, the earliest art museum on the West Coast.

It's all new now. PNCA+OCAC+MoCC are embarking on a new MFA program including craft and design, essentially a meditation on materials in the service of three dimensional objects.

OCAC is expanding its facilities in the West Hills. The MFA studios will be under their own roof on the East side. Today they open their doors with a party. The studios were constructed by the students themselves in collaboration with noted design-build advocate Steve Badanes.

At the craft+design MFA studio 421 NE 10th x Glisan 8:30PM Free