Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 20-21 Performance for the International Day of Peace

Peace is a "know it when I see it thing". We know that we are far from the ideal. So there is a day each year set aside to think about it. That day is this week. Sunday and Monday in Seattle there are free outdoor performances in commemoration.

Performers lead by butoh master Diego Pinion begin Sunday slightly before 2PM at Kobe Terrace Park, S 7th Avenue and Main in the International District, going through City Hall Park, homeless park, around 2:30PM, descending upon Occidental Park, Occidental Ave S & S Main Street about 3PM, and finally flowing to Jackson Street's intercept with Elliot Bay around 4PM.

On Monday, at 4PM the performance is at Victor Steinbrueck Park, Pike Place Market Park, Virginia and Western.

Performers include Styliani Goutani, Jessica Galuska, Isaac R. Bekker, Sylvie Badwin, Katy Fogg, Alex Haverfield, Heather McKee, Jessica Ludescher, Deborah Butler, Julia Papps, Keylaira, Viola Rose, Haruko Nishimura, Angela Martinelli, Selena Patschek, Sheri Brown, Diana GarcĂ­a-Snyder, Lin Lucas. Trinidad Martinez and Gregorio Acuna.

Both events are free, as is peace.