Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 17 Sparking Portland Architecture on Film and Bodies on Stage

The Designs on Portland series presents Portland architecture on film, featuring experimental film meditations on Portland architecture. It's film night! Brian Libby is well known as Portland architecture blogger at portlandarchitecture.com. He is also a filmmaker. He has curated a collection of films from Andrew Curtis and Karl Lind, Matt McCormick and Rob Tyler. Andrew Curtis specializes in time lapse images of Portland. Karl Lind has shown many works at the Portland Experimental and Documentary Film Festival and in local gallery shows. Matt McCormick has been doing experimental city landscapes for many years, starting with his hits The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal and Sincerely Joe P Bear. His work is in installation as part of the Nines Hotel art collection curated by Paige Powell. Rob Tyler is known for his VCR100 hand painted abstract piece. The screening also includes a 1955 time capsule, a CBS documentary The Day Called X, about preparations for a nuclear attack in Portland of the time.
At DWR Portland Studio 1200 NW Everett. Doors 6:00PM, program 6:30 Free

BodyVox is a [modern] dance company of experienced dancers who combine collaboration, for instance with the Zoobombers, and film. Their work is humorous and never boring, very accessible in a good way for those left lukewarm by more abstract dance. They have moved to a new beautiful old building where they reherse, teach and perform. Tonight they open it for an open rehersal by the company principals with commentary by OBT artistic director Christopher Stowell.
At BodyVox Studios, www.bodyvox.com 1201 NW 17th Doors 6PM, rehersal 7-8 Free

Art Spark is a networking event for the arts. It occurs monthly from 5PM-7 with a short presentation, performance or game by an invited arts organization of 10 minutes at 6. It's a project of RACC and the Creative Capacity Initiative and you should come to meet other artists. This month the presenters art the organizers of Art on Alberta, who are shutting the street Saturday for art.
At Vendetta www.myspace.com/vendettapdx 4306 N Williams x Skidmore 5PM-7 Free