Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 12 Voice Music Art

Ethan Rose is an accomplished electronic composer with contributions in ensemble, Adellade and Small Sails; film scoring, Paranoid Park; installation art, Player Piano and Transference. As a long enthusiast of mixing vocals and electronic music, I'm a big fan of tonight's project with the composer and singer-songwriter Laura Gibson. You can hear it at Holocene. Early $7

Nationale is moving and this is the last chance to see a show at their founding location. They are moving to the 811 block! This month it's collage work by Morgan Ritter. Nationale's curator has shown a savvy eye towards Portland-related artists, which we complement. At NATIONALE 2730 E Burnside 6PM-8 Free

Alpern Gallery seems so far on a theme similar to the very successful Tilt Gallery, showing minimal smart sculpture and idea-based art. This month they show Deker Faust. At Alpern Gallery 2552 NW Vaughn 6PM-9