Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 19 Sculpture, 100 Bones, Hungry Eyeball

Disjecta is hosting a happy hour and discussion with sculptor Jenene Nagy, her work fills the space. Her explanations of her work are fascinating, there is a tremendous amount of planning from every angle that goes into them. At Disjecta 8371 N. Interstate 7PM Free

Breezeblock Gallery is a local gallery focused on urban and graffiti art, think Upper Playground, they branch out from that too. They had a space on Alberta, then Burnside, now they are virtual. Tonight they materialize with their annual 100 Bones show. All artwork is $100, or eless, and you can take it home for instant gratification. Music by DJ Wu. Champagne and gummy bears. At Ecdysiast Studio 326 SE Madison 6PM-10 Free

The Hungry Eyeball are local champions of lowbrow and outsider art. Those are actual terms in the canon of art history! They have their own periodicals, such as Juxtapoz and Raw Vision. There are successful galleries devoted to them, here and in Europe. Every so often institutions like the Whitney even dip their toes in the water. It's not a personal interest now, but it is always interesting. Tonight Hungry Eyeball curates a show including Jason Graham, Klutch, Eatcho and J. Shea. Portlander Klutch originated the Vinyl Killers project, art painted on old disks. Opening at Lyrik 2035 SE 39th 7PM-10 Free