Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 17 Effigy Video

Video art done well attracts us. It necessarily references our motion life and motion film-video experiences, while standing askance as art. That's a fine boundary line to navigate.

Video art goes through cycles of popularity in Portland. There has been excellent documentation of performance by MK Guth. Filmmakers Matt McCormick, Vanessa Renwick and others lay down the film art branch. MSHR does outstanding with digital organic performative installation. The UO White Box Gallery presents video regularly.

This afternoon is a talk by UCLA video artist Jennifer Steinkamp. She is known for one of the major branches of video art: installations that paint patterns, often from nature, on walls, floors and ceilings. It is beautiful work in the Hickey pattern.

Artist talk tickets At the Portland Art Museum 1219 SW Park
2PM Free to Museum members; $13, students, $15 adults, includes Museum admission

Grant Corum presents Effigy Mounds. Effigy mounds were ceremonial geoglyph mounds, sometimes for burial by ancient people found throughout the Americas. The artist transformed the inspiration of visiting effigy mounds in the Americas, and experiences with the Sundance Ceremony in the Midamerican forests and plains into the installation, and a musical project, Effigy Mounds: Ceremonial Music for Spore Alter.

Corum describes the music as: “An imagined field recording in a hallucinatory cave, where collaged snippets of tape reveal the gradual opening of a deep portal, the ingestion of strange and luminous compounds, and the rhythmic pulsation of spores entering Earth's atmosphere by way of shooting stars.” Music by Corum and White Gourd for the opening.

At the Portland Museum of Modern Art inside Mississippi Records 5202 N Albina Map 8PM-10 Free