Monday, May 26, 2014

May 28-June 1 (Good) Smackdown Experiment

The Portland Experimental Film Festival is an experiment started by Matt McCormick. It has been through a few reincarnations with new organizers. That's all good, and we are looking forward to this year's event.

The festival spans Wednesday May 28-Sunday June 1 with sit down showings, artful installations at Disjecta + live music, participatory workshops, family-friendly programs, a window installation on Alberta and after parties.

An always fun element of the festival is the bracketed throwdown, film on film, competitions, audience-judged, by you!

I'll not repeat the schedule available on the website.

Admissions are extremely reasonable and some events are free.

The Portland Experimental Film Festival. Various locations. Free and $5-$7ish for sit down films.