Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22 Fail!

Failure. It's a thing. For all the aversion to risk in business today, it is refreshing when agencies talk "fail harder", early failure and iteration is mainstream in design, and books by Henry Petroski are taught in engineering school.

Narrative is a human tool forming culture. Our brains work for it. So narrative is a fine format to explore failure.

Tonight Fredrik Averin (Razorfish
), Scott Erickson (Artist), Eric Corey Freed (International Living Future Institute
), Hunter Marshall (Liquid Agency
), Gabe Paez (WILD
), Mark Shapiro (Laika) and Kjell van Zoen (Plywerk) tell stories of failure on stage, no net. Design story hour a'la Moth.

It is a story hour presented by virtual museum, the Portland Design Museum. Advance registration required. At the Village Ballroom 700 NE Dekum Street 6:30PM Free