Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 24 Wut The Yes Man

Composition Gallery does good things. When they do something first Thursday in the Everett Lofts, we don’t list it - up to you to explore and find!

They do venture out in the world and an example is their wut guise project. It’s a mix of movement, video, clothing design, visual art and gender exploration. They present it in the Gallery Homeland space in the Ford Building.

They close the event tonight with a talk by Lief J Lee - Fabric: a contemporary queer resistance.

At the Composition Gallery at Gallery Homeland in the Ford Building, SE 11th and SE Division. 4PM-5 Free

The Yes Men are children of Adbusters, related to earlier Cacaphony Society, Fluxus and Dada artistic and culture jamming movements. Igor Vamos AKA Mike Bonanno, cofounder, began his culture jamming at Reed. He is famous for his reverse peristalsis political protest in which participants ate mashed potatoes colored with food coloring to vomit red white and blue; for his Barbie Liberation Front, exchanging talking Barbie and GI Joe voice boxes, then reverse shoplifting them into stores; and for changing the signs on Front Avenue, subsequently named Naito Drive, to read Malcolm X Street, amidst the public debate over renaming Union Avenue Martin Luther King Blvd.

With Jacques Servin AKA Andy Bichlbaum, the Yes Men continued on a grander scale, exploiting the public relations, press and media machine to announce ironic faux news with an aspiration towards how the world could be if corporate persons practiced the values of real persons.

They have had many spectacular successes, captured in documentaries and online video.

Igor is also a cofounder of RTmark, using a corporate share model to fund art projects. That has been carried forth to the Yes Lab.

Igor Mike Vamos Bonanno speaks today as part of the PSU Art + Design lecture series. In the Shattuck Hall Annex, 1914 SW Park Avenue, at the corner of SW Broadway and Hall on the PSU campus. 7PM Free