Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 21 Bucky's Future

Trevor Blake is a fanboy of R. Buckminster Fuller. Geodesic dome, he invented that at Black Mountain College. Efficient manufactured housing, streamlined easy to park car, a new world map projection, he invented those too. He wrote extensively and had a huge influence on the culture of Silicon Valley. His most important contribution was his writing on the future, many things he proposed are still before us to accomplish. Trevor Blake has written The Buckminster Fuller Bibliography and The Lost Inventions of Buckminster Fuller. He has the largest collection of Fuller materials outside the Buckminster Fuller Institute. He speaks tonight of Bucky, and his work.

A presentation of the Curiosity Club, you can tune into the free live webcast, see the video archive on the Hand Eye Supply website, or visit the talk and demonstration in person at Hand Eye Supply www.handeyesupply.com/pages/curiosity-club 427 NW Broadway 6PM Free