Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22 Go Team Beauty

Beauty in art is not dead. One of the contemporary fans of beauty is the critic Dave Hickey. Personally I see beauty as the initial attractor to the full experience including idea and narrative. Beauty alone is not enough. It is a necessary but not sufficient ingredient. The Jeffrey Thomas Gallery has their own take in a large show Beauty in the Age of Indifference. It includes artists

Chris Johanson, Eva Lake (courtesy of the Augen Gallery), Michael Lucero, Heather Hutchison, Eric Stotik (courtesy of the Laura Russo Gallery), Brian Borrello, Cynthia Lahti (courtesy of PDX Contemporary), Brad Mildrexler, Mary Jo Anderson (courtesy of Elizabeth Leach Gallery), Ellen Wishnetsky-Mueller, Anne Siems (courtesy of Laura Russo Gallery), Kevin Kadar (courtesy of Froelick Gallery), Mary Henry, Harry Fritzius
Sherrie Wolf (courtesy of Laura Russo Gallery), Paul Buckland, Tom Cramer (courtesy of Augen Gallery), David E. Stein, Jeff Carpenter, Amanda Snyder and Stuart Buehler.

Opening tonight t Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art 2219 NW Raleigh 6PM-8 Free