Thursday, December 07, 2006

December 7,8 ANP artists

RVCA ANP artists Ashley Macomber, Rich Jacobs, and Matt Leines paint live at the Local.35 store on Hawthorne. 1-7PM Thursday and 1-4 Friday. Friday 5-9 at the Widmer brewery there is a party, reception for the artists, just in time for your later evening plans.

As Los Angeles grew more diverse and worldly, the dark inspiration for Blade Runner, middle class families with kids moved, colonizing first "the valley" to the North in the 60's and 70's. That kids' culture established it's mark on clothing, language and their parents' on porn in the 80's. The valley space filled, geography dictated the next move for families to Orange County and its environs, close to the beach in the 80's. The resulting Orange County culture has made a big imprint on music, clothing, graf, gaming, skating, surfing and extreme sports. RCVA, firmly rooted in Costa Mesa's youth culture clothing incubator, and at about $20M annual sales, has charted a brand trajectory tapping artists as authentically as Nike taps major athletes. Artists are perfect because they operate outside the world of music and its commercial machinery which can scale careers beyond the allegiance of cultural thought leaders.

It's Artists Network Program, including Chris Johanson and Jo Jackson, promotes artists and imprints their designs on shirts. To reach further, they started the ANP Quarterly, a sort of creative shoegazer lifestyle art magazine, distributed to stores in the network of their demographic.

Anyway the art is real and viewing free.

Local 35 3556 SE Hawthorne Blvd Widmer Brewery corner Interstate and Russell on the Yellow Line