Monday, December 11, 2006

December 7-17 Performance, Craft, Film

December 8,9,10

A Certain Facilitation of Impasse - Modern Dance @ Disjecta

Longtime movement collaborators Cydney Wilkes and Mike Barber can read each other's kinesthetic minds. In some ways, Barber is the comic and Wilkes the straight man. Tonight they collaborate with Jenn Gierada, Margretta Hansen and a dog named Hermann. This will be witty modern dance made by strong movers.

"A Certain Facilitation of Impasse uses obstacles in the form of confined space and restraint to present a human, thought provoking, and engaging performance experience. Separately and collaboratively, Barber and Wilkes have created new site specific work that explores how limits are perceived as impediments to forward movement as well as a means of ignoring repetitive patterns. Impasse hinges on both external and internal barriers – the kind that weave through the textures and dysfunction of personality and character."

Just in time for New Year's resolutions.

Friday thru Sunday. December 8, 9, and 10 at 8PM with an additional matinee on Sunday, December 10 at 2PM.

$15. Advance tickets thru Disjecta (503.286.9449) Also at the door. All ages.

Disjecta / 5 SE 3rd Avenue 97214 /

December 7-9,13-16

BodyVox V.5 Modern Dance @ BodyVox Studio

This modern dance group specializes in accessible narrative work, often humorous with high production values. Tonight they present works with company members Cristina Betts, Lane Hunter, Eric Skinner, and Anne Egan; guest artists Gus Van Sant (with the Zoo Bombers), Jonathan Wolken, Mitchell Rose, and Tere Mathern (with Tim Duroche); and BodyVox action directors Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland. 1300 NW Northrup $30/24 students/15 children Thursday-Saturday December 7-9; Wednesday-Saturday Dec 13-16 7:30PM

December 10, 17

Church of Craft at the Doug Fir and the Wonder Ballroom

The Church of Craft is in session twice this month. The DIY table today features
Bre of Craft Magazine teaching you how to make shadow puppets. Then there will be a different mix of crafters showing their wares-works on the two dates. Today and December 17. Repent early and often as the first 100 people through the door get free goodie bags. That's a first for church. On the 17th The DIY table today features make a free snow globe! And there is a raffle to win prizes to support the Goose Hollow Family Shelter 11AM-4PM All ages Free

A similar thing is going on at the Wonder Ballroom from 12-5 December 10 and 17 11AM-4PM All ages Free

A similar thing is going on at the Wonder Ballroom from 12-5 December 10 and 17 Free too

December 11,12

Warhol Films @ Cinema Project

Artist Warhol took Duchamp's art of the ordinary into the era of mass reproduction and celebrity. The same is true of his films. Tonight the Cinema Project presents Outer and Inner Space. Two projectors, side by side, show Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick in each frame, and in each frame there is also a television monitor with Sedgwick, for a total of four images as she converses with off frame characters. The sound is poor for these essentially home movies, but made in 1965, they are Warhol's first double screen films and a fascinating view into the the Factory scene and the tragic short life of Sedgewick. The Speed Monolog remix is particularly prescient, another look may be found in Plimpton's biography and a feature film Factory Girl due at year end.

Warhol also produced over 500 screen tests, silent video portraits of Factory visitors, the three minute length of a reel of film. These screen tests presage Robert Wilson's HD video portraits. Ten of Warhol's screen tests will be shown. The film will be followed by a reel 18 of Warhol's Screen Tests featuring Nico, Susan Sontag, John Palmer, John Cale's eyes and Lou Reed. New American Art Union 922 SE Ankeny
7:30 pm | $6

December 12

Take it EZ II Short Films at the Hollywood Theater

Daniel Peterson has put together a beautiful cross section of shorts by film=artists Eliza Fernand, Adam Sorenson, Michael Bunsen, James Boulton, Zefrey Throwell, Claire Evens, Raf Favria, Krystal South, Aaron Franquero, James Voges, Sam Gould, Finger Finger, Jen Krush, Johanna Jackson, Jessie Durost, Emily Isenberg, Midori Hirose, Matt McCormick, Adam Forkner, Chris Irik, Alex Felton, Jona Bechtolt, Maria Dixon, Ted, Meg Peterson, Ashby Lee Collison, Phillip Cooper, Tom Blood, Erik Mast, Corey Lunn, Zachery Reno, Robert Wodzinski, Emily Barry, Daniel Peterson, Anna Weber, Lydia Greer, Sarah Meadows, Jaclyn Campanaro, Grant Hall, Jen Olsen, Steve Schroeder, Richard Jensen, Jeffrey Kriksciun, Megan Crotty, John Afryl, John Bacone, Josh Kermiet, Brian Slaughter and maybe some more! The shorts will be shown without credits and the audience challenged to match films with makers. (just kidding)

4122 NE Sandy 7PM (shhh free!)

December 14

Everyone I Know Lives on Roads @ Reading Frenzy

Author Trevor Dodge will read from his short story fiction collection Everyone I Know Lives On Roads. Borrowing celebrity or remixing culture the press release notes:

"Everyone I Know Lives On Roads (Chiasmus Press, 2006) examines the accident scene of celebrity, fate and language, measuring the skidmarks for traces of our oedipal selves and chalking out the metaphorical places where these three paths converge. Road ragers and rubberneckers met along the way include Kathy Acker, Alan Greenspan, Jacques Derrida, Ayn Rand, Michael Alig and James Joyce, with hourly traffic reports from Dan Rather." It could be interesting if his writing is like that!

Dodge is a NW zinester.

921 SW Oak 7PM Free

December 16

Elvez Christmas Show @ DF

This is kind of hard to describe. A Mexican Elvis impersonator. OK. While this guy has a pompador and sings, a million costume changes and backup dancers, his variations on Elvis songs provide commentary and inspiration on the Mexican immigration experience in the USA. Sort of topical. El Vez, Robert Lopez, has both feet firmly planted tongue in cheek in the art and punk worlds. He curated at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in LA. And he was a founding member in 1977 of the punk band the Zeros, dubbed the "Mexican Ramones". The show will be funny and upbeat, campy and thought provoking. And like nothing you have seen before. Doors 8, show 9 $15

Zoe Keating and Bright Red Paper @ Mississippi Studios

Sort of old timey new music players Bright Red Paper (vid) perform with Zoe Keating, cello loopist.
939 N Mississippi 10PM $6

Iretsu, Wooden Nickle and the Music Population Orchestra

The MPO, now with branches in Portland and Oslo performs. Experimentalists iretsu and hard to classify Wooden Nickle. Perform as well. Someday Lounge 9PM $7