Tuesday, December 19, 2006

December 21,27

December 21

Kurt Halsey Cartoons @ Missing Link

Missing Link is planning a move to neighbor with Local.35 on Hawthorne. This show intervened at their current location on Belmont. Local Halsey creates maybe emo panels slicing modern life into a moment. Maybe you will find your reality therein.

'Dealing instead with raw and excessive human emotions, and lyrical and sometimes whimsical personal musings. Finding inspiration in the ups and downs of his friends' lives as well as his own, Halsey creates characters in the manner of super-cute kawaii culture figures, but with distinctively rendered facial and body gestures that portray the vast emotions and countless stories of everyday life. "Influenced by my hopelessly romantic and super sensitive mindset, I pay far too much attention to the little things in life and in the relationship between two people. In constant need of reassurance, explanation, closure, and attention, my paintings are made."'

Missing link 3314 SE Belmont 7-10

December 27

Take it EZII(a) @ Valentines

Daniel Peterson's shorts series, previously reviewed, is reprised at Valentines at 7:14PM. Recommended, even for the ADD's.

Valentines 232 SW Ankeny