Thursday, December 07, 2006

Art Openings @ Portland Westside

This month Valentines shows photographers Ann Ploeger and Rachel Lang. Ploeger is known for a sly show of large format domestic portraits of families in their living spaces with serious looks at Newspace photo last year. Her Kodacolor palate provides a new nostalgia to her look at domestic life now. Olympia photographer Lang is a perfect complement. She poses with her subjects as a sibling or twin. 232 SW Ankeny Lights on 6-9PM, open late

New Photo Gallery Opens

Erik Schneider's Quality Pictures opens with photographs by Chris Verene and a group show "Pictures of Women". Quality Pictures is a transplant from Atlanta. Verene's show "self esteem" is an updated version of a popular aesthetic, subjects in everyday settings, perhaps derived from Arbus' unsympathetic gaze, and often seen at Blue Sky. Verene adds performance and participation vectors by constructing theatrical sets as an aspirational setting for his subjects' portraits. Funk electronica musician Carl Tietze performs 6-8 and Trashcan Joe from 8:30-10

Quality Pictures 916 NW Hoyt under Allied

11th Annual Cheap Art Show

Reading Frenzy presents exactly that. At 50 and under there will be work including paintings by Kjirsten Winters and Loni Gaghan; calendars by Nikki McClure, Katie Muth, Nicole Georges, Carye Bye, Jill Bliss and Saelee Oh; stationery from Proletariat Press, Meaghan Corwin, Nikki McClure, Katie Muth, and Carye Bye; prints by Ayumi Piland and Katie Muth; toys by J. Swan; wearables by Sarah Utter and artist's books, zines and mini-comics by Caroline Hwang and Ayumi Piland.

Reading Frenzy 921 SW Oak

Compound Ghosts vs Robots in Mike Burnett's Neighborhood

Ghosts vs Robots is a collaboration by Brian Flynn, Mr Jago and Heather Amundy-Dey. What great contrasting metaphors. There is also a giant show of small wood figures modded up by a large number of artists.

107 NW 5th

Organism Deer Show above Compound

Previously noted it will be open tonight up on the 4th floor - enter at Just Be Toys

Upper Playground The New Scenery

Upper Playground's Portland outpost presents "The New Scenery" - Portland artists Legal Bees, Joseph Cross, Olivia Edith, Justin Goreman & Caleb Freese, Klutch, Ashley Montague, Dan Ness, Oddball Studios, Jessie Reno, Lyla Emery Reno, Brad Simon and Sorey Smith. Ohmega Watts spins. 23 NW 5th until about 9 23 NW 5th

Geometric Oils - G Lewis Clevenger

This work makes effective use of palette and composition breathing life into a mid century modern style. At Pulliam Deffenbaugh 929 NW Flanders until 8:30

The Everett Station Lofts, bounded by NW Broadway, 6th, Everett and Flanders are an always recommended grab bag.