Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 1 Westside Art Shows Open

Shows run all month, generally through the Saturday before the next month's first Thursday. Galleries love to see you on a lazy Saturday. They especially love you as do the artists when you take out that wallet from time to time.

Augen has created a disturbingly sweet paring of photographers Grace Weston and David Emmite. Weston continues her carefully lit tableau of small scenes entitled "Wonder Lust". Imagine photographs of fantastic doll house interiors or a stop action animation set. Emmite shows Field Guide, involving animals and machines. 817 SW 2nd

Elizabeth Leach Gallery shows photographer Dianne Kornberg. Kornberg is known for large format photos of flora and fauna, especially collections or agglomerations in laboratories. I think she needs to return to the energy of earlier work - maybe ask them to pull out a chronosample from the back and decide yourself. 417 NW 9th

Quality Pictures opens Picture Ping Pong curated by Elizabeth Huey. Huey created a community on myspace in which friends carried on conversations composed of messages containg almost exculsively images. For many, the familiarity of myspace made for conversations that might not work in real life; the fact that the community was spead across the US, Canada, Paris and Italy also made the myspace medium a well matched vehicle. Forged by picto conversations, many of the artists met for the first time in Miami in December. One of Hickey's theses is that the creative conversation of artists can evolve faster than culture itself. Is myspace the new warehouse? The work is bright and has the 811 (E Burnside) feel - Moshi Moshi and the Grass Hut. A bold demonstration of QCPA's direction(s). NB Portland artists, introduce yourself to the project artists in attendance. Photographer David Hilliard continues from last month. 916 NW Hoyt

PDX presents a group show by Mary Henry, D.E. May, identical twins separated at birth with their minimalist linear 2d compositions. Perhaps the art that Rabbit at rest would contemplate. Artist Ryan Jeffery shows documentation of a variety of projects including his awesome music box. Filmmaker and performer Vanessa Renwick shows material from her Trojan nuclear plant project last seen in the Museum biennial. PDX Contemporary Art 925 NW Flanders Street til 8:30?

The Portland Art Center continues the installations of last month, which are excellent, and adds a new project by Paris artists Eric La Casa and Jean-Luc Guionnet, “Reflected Waves”. In this case, they have gathered sound and light from Melbourne Australia, which in many ways resembles Portland. Close your eyes, listen and dream summer. 32 NW 5th until 10

Margaret Stratton transmits emotion laden concepts simply and directly, selectively documenting the remains of material culture. For instance in this work “My Mother’s House” she presents straight b&w photos on a black background of objects from her childhood house. Acquired in their time, they trace the arc of the materiality of middle class life in the 1950’s and 60’s. Her work has a similarity to Belgian Henk van Rensberge’s abandoned places project, but Stratton brings a variety of conceptual viewpoints, mixed differently for each project. Other bodies of Stratton’s work include World Trade Center, A Guide to Wasteland, Inventory of an Abandoned House, Ancient Ruins: Abandoned Naples, Detained in Purgatory and Notes from the Nuclear Garden. At Blue Sky Gallery with photos of companion animals impacted by Katrina. She also speaks for free at the gallery Friday evening. 1231 NW Hoyt until 9

In the Everett Lofts many a wonderous thing may ensue. Including at the Pony Club #105 "Open to Strangers" a group show; at Kolega 328 NW Broadway a Blackbird Tattoo art show; at Sugar "Black Metal" from blond Norway, documentation of the dark musical subculture by photographer Peter Beste. Mythical tribalism characterizes this cross between metal and the Lord of the Rings. These metaloids weren't playing when they murdered one another and burned 20 churches, including one 800 years old in an attempt to drive Christianity from Nord and reestablish the mythical pagan religions. Everett Lofts - the block of NW Everett, Broadway, Flanders and 6th.

Compound/Just Be Toys shows Illustrious: Deth P Dun, Jack Long, Manny Silva, Monica Canllao, Ogi and RINZEN. Curated by Monica HW Choy. At Compound/Just Be Toys 107 NW 5th until about 9:30

Rake shows work by Rachell J Siegel and Sarah Cruse 325 NW 6th Ave

The metal sculpture, some heavy, show at Woolley continues. See last month’s listing.
Tonight the East Woolley (Wonder) will be connected by a free bus to Rake (West) 128 NE Russell until 10

Brett Superstar continues his giant robot at the B-Street Gallery at the corner of NW Davis and 13th.

Upper Playground's Portland moonbase shows "The Early Bird", flat art and installation by Morning Breath, in graphic style hoovering pre '60's advertsing imagery and blenderizing it into a strange brew. 23 NW 5th

Vino Paradiso shows "Key to My Heart" by Nubby Twiglet which is a great name. 417 NW 10th until late

Paige Saez is known for her large bright abstract paintings and installations; but this month at Valentines she shows photographs and a bright wall piece. 232 SW Ankeny Lights on 6-9PM, open late

Anna Weber shows giant teeth at Motel, grrr. Actually these are models of teeth arrayed like some sort of school dental diorama, cavities repaired and all. Weber also shows photos by Daniel Peterson of herself in costumes of her own construction: "Squirrel", "Rainbow Beard" and "Sloth". An artist to watch? NW Couch between 5th and 6th across from Ground Control until 9