Friday, February 23, 2007

February 24 Mac-N-Cheese & Pancakes @ Reed (and artist authors, and you)

Mathew Stadler has hosted a series, The Backroom dinner talks, at various Portland points, like Ripe, Simpatico, Medoyeff, with some pretty awesome speakers. It becomes a creative vortex with Portland's most creative musicians, a brilliant speaker and the most important ingredient - you, lubed by yum food, and sometimes Mathew's favorite bargain brandy, which if it isn't Cuban, should be - all talking and reinteracting with the speaker, the musicians and the other participants.

This morning (!?), The Backroom lays down an instantiation for all ages. It's Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, authors and illustrators of The Edge Chronicles. Their very Brit series is a childrens' fantasy, with copious "imaginary" characters, quests and battles. Illustrator Riddell will lead the kids in drawing and show them how he makes his "imaginary" characters. Anacortes musician Karl Blau provides music which I can guarantee won't be insipid.

So drawing for kids; pancakes, talk and macNcheese for all; mimosas for the big kids and OJ for the not yet big kids.

There is a place at the table and no doubt floor sprawling space for 65. So reserve your table or floor spot in advance. - $5, available at

It's at the Reed student union at Noon