Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February 22 Music, Art, Lit

Dark Yoga Music at Valentines

Dark Yoga celebrates with you. It's a CD release with sets by just about every combination of dark yogis and their other projects. Dark Yoga performs with added sax. Brave Priest stretches out psychedelic rock, Mathew McDowell lays down abstract trips and Machete, more abstractica.
Valentines 232 SE Ankeny 8PM on Free

The Personal Account of a Child Soldier in Sierra Leone

Ishmael Beah fled his village at 12, never to see his family again. Gangpressed into the government army at 13, he spent two years in an unimaginably dark surreal world. As a child soldier he killed daily. Free time was spent watching Rambo videos. Rap provided the soundtrack. Sometimes the children were called to fight in the middle of the video, after, they returned to continue as if the killing was a mere intermission. Most of the time they saw this terrible world through an admixture of cocane, pot and other powerful drugs.

At 15, the army gave up his ghost to a UNICEF child soldier demobilization program. At 17 he traveled to the US and enrolled at Oberlin. There he began to write this story.

Beah speaks of his experiences at Powells on Hawthorne. 7:30PM Free

Trish Grantham shows art at Office

Trish Grahtham is one of Portland's hardest working artists. Self organized shows, online sales, Stumptown sandwich boards, ad campaigns. Tonight she shows her work at Office
2204 NE Alberta www.officepdx.com
7-9 free