Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 3 Eastside Art Openings

At the 811 Burnside Block

The Grass Hut continues serious shows with "Friends on the Endless Journey", the doodler's show, organized by Luke Ramsay. The artists are Peter Thompson, Luke Ramsey, Justin Williams, Etka, AJ Purdy and Andy Rementer.

Canadian Ramsey and his wife have created an artist residency on BC's Pender Island in which all of tonight's artists have participated. Justin Williams grew up in Japan and has lived in Hong Kong and Singapore. Now he's split between Montreal and Chicago where he recieved the Presidential Scholarship at the Art Institute of Chicago. Etka began to get serious about drawing and painting after she busted up her ankle skating. She got an illustration degree in London, got bored doing commercial illustration and animation so she moved home to Sweden and started a gallery in Gothenberg (same place as the artists who spoke Monday at the PSU lecture series). Andy Rementer and AJ Purdy met in art school in Philly then decamped to the communication research center at Fabrica. Fabrica is the research arm of gentle Italian clothing giant Benetton who were early to incorporate socially enlightened marketing with their Colors project; Fabrica is a sort of neo-Bauhaus, near Venice. Canadian Thompson "rides a comic doodle style that's free, fun and under no pressure to perform or impress the viewer with fancy tricks" notes Ramsey. Much of the work shown are collaborations between two illustrators.

Moshi Moshi has gotta side with the ninjas, right? The show is "Ninjas are Sweet, 13 artists answering one question: Why are ninja's so awesome?" We'll have to see what the zombies have to say about that...

Denwave is having a big sale on crosses crafted by one of their units. So if you need some savin'...

Redux has Rebecca Haack - illustration style paintings with touches of wax mediums.

At the New American Art Union, artist Jacqueline Ehlis has curated a group show DO NO HARM vs Step Up. See for yourself the varied work. 922 SE Ankeny

Newspace has a group show of work of auction spec, so a good cross section of current photography. 1632 SE 10th

Press Club has a show of lino cuts opening this evening with DJ sounds. If you are in the neighborhood - 2621 SE Clinton