Thursday, November 06, 2008

November 6 Westside Art Openings

City hall shows art themed on Portland's music world, a very successful creative community in Portland. Artists include Laura Domela, Norm Eder, Mike King, Anthony Pidgeon, Diane Russell, Gary Houston, Alica J. Rose, Alexander Rokoff, Guy Burwell, Jason Quigley, Ben Wilson, Casey Burns, Josh Elliott, Josh Elliott, Sarah White, Michelle Motta, Nicolle Farup & Autumn de Wilde. At City Hall 1221 SW 4th 5PM-7 Free

At Stumptown Coffee, White Rainbow performs. 128 SW 3rd. 7-8ish

Backspace shows Ladies of the Rib: paintings by 5 women artists: Anna Todaro, Alisha Wessler, Chowchessna, Taryn Tomasello & Nicole Linde. Their work is inspired by the Sumerian civilization of 4000 BC near the conflience of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers - that would be in present day Iraq. Lady of the Rib is a reference to a Sumer myth which may have inspired the Eve from Adam's rib myth. At Backspace 115 NW 5th Ave

Painter Laura Ross-Paul is known for her rich use of color in impressionistic portraits. This work captures the light of summer modulated by our gentle leafy canopy. At Froelick 714 NW Davis

I love cast glass, but it is a material that sometimes overwealms the work. However this month Silvia Levenson shows "It's not Living Alone", a crituque of our love-hate relationship with mood-stabilizing pharms. She comments that her work is inspired by Chuck Palahniuk. At Bullseye 300 NW 13th

PNCA continues it's global engagement with work by Iranian Shiva Ahmadi and Chinese artist Baochi Zhang In the Feldman Gallery Corner NW Johnson and 13th

The Woolley gallery has a group show of small works by Michael T. Hensley, Bernard O. Gross, Alison O'Donoghue, Julia Stoops, Jennifer Mercede, Jenny Rideout, Carol Yarrow, Brigitte Dortmund & Angelina Woolley. Mark Woolley Gallery 817 SW 2nd Ave

Video art is too little seen in Portland. A great example is the 4 screen installation at The Urban Farmer by Matt McCormick. I have not seen the group show at Quality Pictures curated by artist Jacob Dyrenforth and Eva Respini, Assistant Curator of Photography at New York's Museum of Modern Art, but if you are interested consider Videos and Vodka: Selections from Video Salon. Artists include Guy Ben-Ner, Ian Cooper, Tanyth Berkeley, Duke and Battersby, Christopher Miner, Ohad Meromi, Lisa Oppenheim, John Pilson, Lisi Raskin, Robin Rhode, Laura Riboli and Halsey Rodman. At Quality Pictures 916 NW Hoyt