Friday, November 07, 2008

November 7-9 Flocks and Tumbles

Portland has many interesting creative concentrations. One is a small concentration of composers and experimantal soundscape creators inspired by and coinspiring the NW Electroacoustic Music Organization. Multi artist Seth Nehil presents Flock & Tumble based on these ideas. "Flock & Tumble is a concert for 6 audio speakers, 4 video projections, and a 12-person choir. Shouts, voices and songs articulate a “creatureality”, evoking the patterns which emerge among frog calls, fish schools and insect swarms. While performers navigate the space around and among the audience, glimpses of dance by Linda Austin and "Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner" flash across screens, percussive bursts scatter and melodies cluster. Each performance will be different, guided by a rhythmical/musical choreography that determines rules of interaction. Bold sound and intentional play merge wildness and precision in a multimedia celebration of 'becoming-animal'”. All this takes place November 7, 8, 9, at AudioCinema, 226 SE Madison, doors 7:30PM show 8:00 $10