Friday, November 07, 2008

November 8 Global Local Butoh(s)

Hard choice tonight.

Kyoto butoh artist Katsura Kan presents a performance with his students drawn from Portland butohists. Kan is one of the deep thinkers of butoh as noted earlier about his lecture. He is a Buddhist, informing his work and draws dancers and inspiration from across Asia, South America and Africa. He explores the regional differences in indigenous butoh. Our Portland butoh is different than, say the butoh of Thai shamans. We spent some time out at art openings discussing arts funding and art culture here and in Japan Thursday. He brings that same curiosity and brilliance to creating and exploring movement. This evening, Sheri Brown and Douglas Ridings from Seattle make a special appearance. Brown is known for evocative facial presence which almost disappears. Ridings incorporates South Indian dance into his butoh. The performance is in the Headwaters Studio at Disjecta. The space is intimate, holding about 20, make a reservation. Reservations email mizudesierto (AT) gmail (DOT) com 8PM $5-15

A different butoh are hip hop moves by b-boys and b-girls. Hip hop culture is life and we are living it. Part of it are beautifully unbelievable b-boy/b-girl moves. One of the most mad dope b-boy/b-girl events of the year is The Foundation. Eight years strong. On no publicity outside the community. 2 on 2 battles. DJ's Sugarman and Computer Fam of the Buttermilk Baby Makers. All proceeds benefit Ethos In the Reed Student Union doors 6:30PM, show 7. $7