Monday, December 01, 2008

December 3 Social Practice Everywhere

I was not aware that social practice art had infiltrated even the undergraduate PSU art program. The BFA students have a Public Social University project of short talks on useful things for the public. Today's classes are:

Eric Steen provides his survey, best to worst, of film depiction of utopia and distopia, in science fiction. (1:30PM-2)

Greg Wandering Yeti and Adam Stone speak about Permaculture and demonstrate Chinese internal martial arts, drawing a relationship between them. (2PM-3)

Tracé Hulette demonstrates basic mending with thread and needle. (3PM-3:30)

Davis Eliason Brown gives practical advise on hip hop rapping including positive message, collaboration, rapping with others and linguistics (3:30PM-4)

You can find more about the project at It's at the main downtown library in the US Bank Room 2PM-5. Free