Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 31 Movement for Peace

Tahni Holt makes idea driven performance in the realm of modern dance. Her performances have themed landmines, the simultaneity of time, safety & material, office work, a theater within theater, repetitive movement & narrative and open source movement.

New York dancer and choreographer Miguel Gutierrez has created a work, Freedom of Information, to be danced by dancers across the US. Each performs a personal continuous improvisation blindfolded for 24 hours with ears plugged.

It is Gutierrez' meditation on war and refugees, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each dancer moves from 12:01AM to 11:59PM Wednesday December 31. It is each mover's meditation too. Maybe something for us each to give some thought to.

I had an opportunity to visit a UN friend in Afghanistan and toured the landmine museum. It was a surreal experience as our guide recited an explanation, memorized in perfect English. The mines, missiles and bombs in the museum are found daily throughout the country with sad result. One of our Afghan hosts had lost a few fingers as a child to a Soviet cluster bomblet, disguised as a toy.

Holt takes up this open source social practice project at Performance Works Northwest. Audience may stop by to see or connect to Holt's webstream.

At Performance Works Northwest 4625 SE 67th 12:01AM-11:59PM Free