Friday, December 12, 2008

November 12 SciFi Inspired Art and PNCA Homeland Films

Impossible Instruments / Future Flags is a show curated by artist Nathaniel T. Price. Science fiction has only a loose connection with either. It is more a prediction of a future. Science enters only as a signifier of the monotonic unfolding without end of technology.

Perhaps art is the same, continually expanding the edge, while occasionally resampling the ghosts of art past which isn't done so much in technology. It's not as if steampunk is real for instance, or that mysticism surrounding the mythical undiscovered discoveries of Tesla is anything but misplaced.

Artists Alex Felton, Kristan Kennedy, Corey Lunn, Chris Johanson, M Blash, Dana Dart McLean, Rob Halverson, Steven Wirth, Jo Jackson, Nathaniel T. Price, Arnold J. Kemp and Bobo provide art inspired by our strange future.

All this at Fourteen30 Contemporary 1430 SE 3rd opening 6PM-9

Also this evening are new Portland films sponsored by PNCA. Movies are by Adrienne Huckabone, Brennan Broome, Bryan Colombo, Chris Bodven, Israel Lund, Jacob Winfield, Jim Hill, Joey Lusterman, Julia Perry, Kevin Tinnell, Morgan Ritter, Sarah Burke and Tesar Freeman. At Gallery Homeland 2505 SE 11th 7PM