Friday, December 05, 2008

December 5 Eastside Openings

The Eastside is huge now. Here are some suggestions.

There is a show by 100 artists, each making 10 things each in 10 days for $30 each. Each piece is unlabeled, except on the back, so go for love and beauty. That is at the Olympic Mills Building 107 SE Washington.

EBu: the 811 Building, 811 E Burnside; NAAU 922 SE Ankeny; Destroy Store and Life & Limb, 1712 E Burnside; artist books at 23 Sandy 623 NE 23rd Sandy

SE: Newspace Photo, 1632 SE 10th; Pushdot 1021 SE Caruthers; Gallery Homeland, corner SE Division and 11th