Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 14 Mass Sustainable Drinking and Drawing

The NW China Council China Business Network hosts a lunch with Bob Wise speaking on Sustainable Development Business Opportunities in China. Wise specializes in big picture consulting with governments on developing sustainability and green building programs. Past work includes developing programs for the City of Portland, Multnomah and Clackamas Counties, the State of Oregon, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Taiwan and Taipei. The lunch takes place at House of Louie Restaurant, 331 NW Davis in Chinatown. Reservations www.nwchina.org. Lunch and talk $20 members, $30 otherwise, talk $15 students. Noon-1:30

Drinking and Drawing is descriptively named; combining open source concepts, Henry Ford's mass production genius and fun! It's well known that animation is labor intensive. For drinking and drawing, preformed and ad hoc teams work sequentially and in parallel to produce a thousand frame animation in an evening. This is the second instance in Portland of this international phenomenon.

Teams of ten have 10 minutes to complete 8 frames each on index cards, 75 seconds per card. Frames are evolved by working on a light box, with the new frame overlaying the old. The work of subsequent teams are synced by starting on the light box with the last frame in the previous set. The first public D+D was at Portland's Platform Animation Festival seen in this video.

The resulting frames are seamed into a movie for a web treat.

The next D+D is sponsored by the Portland chapter of SIGGRAPH, geniuses at putting computers to work for beauty. Participate or watch at Someday Lounge www.somedaylounge.com 125 NW 5th 6PM $5, free for SIGGRAPH members