Saturday, January 03, 2009

January 8 Westside Art Openings

Stumptown Coffee presents Universal Blobhand anchored by the Lucky Dragons' Sumi Ink Club cooperative illustrations and including work by E*Rock and Josh Orion Kermiet. Recommended. At Stumptown Coffee 128 SW 3rd

Valentines opens a collaborative fiber art show and show of crush portraits early and later hosts a party for Universal Blobhand with DJ Hostile Tapeover. At Valentines 232 SW Ankeny Art 6PM, party 9:30 Free

Fontanelle Gallery continues the show by collaborators The Oregon Painting Society maybe Portland's royal art lodge. They also perform music at 8 on electroacoustic musical instruments of their own construction. At the Fontanelle Gallery 205 SW Pine

PNCA shows paintings by Molly Dillworth. Dillworth was part of the Suddenly! show and has collaborated with MK Guth of the Red Shoe Delivery Service and Ties of Protection and Safekeeping. Also showing is longtime artist and professor Robert Hansen and BFA student Clare LaMont Industries' "Grand Opening Going Out of Business Sale - 99% Off!!!" At the Feldman+BFA Gallery at PNCA Corner NW 13th and Johnson

Quality Pictures presents another strategic show of Portlanders complementing their strategic international stable of photographers and painters. NWX4:New Northwest Photography comprises Liz Haley, Andrew O'Brien, Alexis Pike, and Mark Searcy. Haley's photography, video and performance has been mentioned here before. Chas Bowie, assistant director at QP also has some interesting photographs in his That's a Negative blog this month. Show at Quality Pictures Contemporary Art 916 NW Hoyt

More photos make an interesting show at Reading Frenzy of found photographs from Japan. Basically like a Found Magazine instant relatives project. Assembled (found?) by Neojaponisme art director Ian Lynam, and poignant in light of Japan's aging (and shrinking) population. Neojaponisme is an evolution of the fascinating Neomarxisme. See at Reading Frenzy 921 SW Oak

The Mark Woolley Gallery presents a sweet pairing Land, Air and Sea by Trish Grantham, Evan Harris and Amy Ruppel. Grantham creates enigmatic, almost narrative illustration/collage. Harris' finely detailed work is of similar feel. Ruppel often works of the bird theme and wax media with a smart stripe sample from Photoshop. At Mark Woolley Gallery 817 SW 2nd

Roller Derby is too outstanding. That is what the Rose City Rose Buds think too. They are the mom's auxiliary, raising money to buy equipment for young roller kids and creating a Jr. Roller Derby League. The roller derby moms analog of soccer moms. Take that chearleaders! They are having an art show at Moshi-Moshi. Stop by. At Moshi-Moshi 916 West Burnside

Beppu Wiarda shows Winter Light, a show of light boxes by artists Deanne Belinoff, Bill Dean, Jennifer Doheny, Eric Franklin, Ellen George and Jerry Mayer, Ron and Kathryn Glowen, Jessica Hirsch, Midori Hirose, LeAnne Hitchcock, Kate Kaznowska, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Dam Markson, Dave Meeker, Noah Nakell, Cynthia Nawalinski, Gillis Neuray, TJ Norris, Nick Raffel, Ken Shores, Stephan Soihl, Steve Tilden, Mark Teresa and Judy Vogland. The show was curated by collector Leo Michelson. Some of the artists speak January 17 at 11. At Beppu Wiarda Gallery 319 NW 9th

Always recommended for your exploratory pleasure are the Everett Station Lofts, NW Broadway and Everett, though some are taking the month off, and the DeSoto building NW Park and Davis.