Friday, January 23, 2009

January 25 Cult of Arduino Strikes a Blow for Poetry in Spare Rooms

Arduino is an electronic device popular with artists and creative people. It is a small chip you can attach things to for the purpose of sensing the environment and taking action like lighting something or moving a motor. Progressive art schools like the Royal College of Art have incorporated them into the curriculum for some time.

Arduino is used by artists worldwide and it is also a favorite of interactive clothing designers.

The chip is programmed in a simple language by plugging it into a USB port on any computer. Greg Borenstein can give you a short introduction. Portland Dorkbot offers a workshop today for you to build a basic Arduino with a LED you can control. It is smaller but not as elegant as the lilypad.

In 4 hours and for $25 you will build your very own Arduino to take home that actually works! Bring a laptop and some other stuff covered in the announcement. All the details here. At PNCA 1PM-5 $25

The Spare Room is a long running poetry reading series in Portland. They are 100. Not years, but readings - I have no idea what 100 is in poetry years. Today in celebration, local poets read 100 poems by 100 poets from the past 100 Years. You can find all the particulars here. At Gallery Homeland 2505 SE 11th x Division 2PM-6ish Free