Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April 9, 10 event.space.dance.neighborhood

Tahni Holt is a modern choreographer and dancer. She does idea-based work with a strong architectural flavor. .event.space. takes place in the Ace Cleaners event space. The audience outside on the sidewalk will see the dancers inside: .event.space. "reclaim[ing] real time experience yet through the lens of the modern world: transparency and technology. Using methods of technology without actually deploying them .event.space. plays with fast-forwarding, rewinding and slow motioning. Light waves are made visible. Lighting plots are powered by human form, colored animation arises amidst black and white, and a song split in thirds becomes a place keeper of time." At the Ace Cleaners, corner SW 10th and Stark and streaming at www.tahniholt.com. 7PM and 9. Free (donations accepted)

Meanwhile over at Gallery Homeland, which has Ethan Rose's excellent sound installation, Abraham Ingle presents his neighborhood diaries project for listening and discussion. Ingle has been creating neighborhood walking tour podcasts. They put stories to the ordinary spots that are not. More on the neighborhood diaries project at www.hoodturkey.com At Gallery Homeland www.galleryhomeland.org 2505 SE 11th x Division 8PM Free