Monday, April 06, 2009

April 9 What is Interesting?

Many of you know TED, a superb conference of world changing ideas. Russell Davies thought the idea was great too and has started his own series, Interesting. It has been held in London, Amsterdam, New York, Sydney, Vancouver, BC and now Portland.

The principles of Interesting are:

Someone finds an interesting place and asks people to talk about interesting things;

There’s no selling of stuff or services, in the lobby or on the stage, no marketing case studies;

Content is open source, not owned;

Sponsors give tangible things that make the event better;

Tickets are affordable on an individual level vs a corporate one;

It’s organized collaboratively without any one person taking ownership;

Interesting is a goal, not a claim;

And it’s not for profit, extra money goes to a charity, to fund the next one or to the bar at the end of the night.

So an interesting night of interesting talks with an interesting audience of collaborators, you.

The talks are short, you won't be bored. They may not be heavy world changing items, but a few might. You get a chance to meet the 80 year old Norse bartenders. All the details are at At The Norse Hall 111, NE 11th 6:30PM $16