Saturday, April 04, 2009

April 4 LA<>PDX Art Exchange at Milepost5

Anna Fidler is a genius at synthetic landscape. She has constructed sea jungle-like, and Chinese landscape-like, views from meticulously cut paper and layered paint. She has made interior installations and work on the land, captured on film.

For this show, she has organized dual exhibitions in Portland and Los Angeles, of artists from both. So in a way, it is an artistic landscape: "Portland’s ebb and flow of dreary winter and resplendent summer, fascination with experimental music, European-influenced urban planning, and bicycle riding seems far removed from LA’s vast, sprawling pocket neighborhoods; each island-like and different from the next, U-turns, car tans, canyons, and fiery Santa Ana winds. I feel that there is much to be gained by an exchange of sorts between these fascinatingly dissimilar cities that I have lived in; united by the commonality of art making. This exhibition was created to incite a curious dialogue between artists, schools, writers, and spaces."

The landscape includes these artist pairs, from LA and PDX respectively: Erik Bluhm+Patrick Rock, Patricia Fernandez+Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Amy Green+Damien Gilley, John Knuth+Sam Gould, Alura Owens+Storm Tharp, Juliana Paciulli+MK Guth, JennyPhelps+Holly Andres, Noah Thomas+Ben Stagl, Amy Tallman+Melody Owen.

To create the work, artists exchanged objects to constitute still life compositions. Only the objects exchanged could be used and none could be discarded.

That is the work you will see tonight in Portland. It's at Milepost5 900 NE 81st (go by MAX) 7PM-10 Free