Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 19 Ignite China Spark About

Ignite is sort of an entertaining Toastmasters for the web set. It happens irregularly including tonight. At the Bagdad Theater General admission doors 6:30PM, Program 7. Free

China is big. They need big buildings in new places and Portland architects sometimes design them. Find out how that goes tonight. The Designs on Portland series presents Rick Potestio, Jeff Lamb, Gary Reddick and Bob Packard speaking on their experiences designing for Chinese clients. At DWR Portland Studio 1200 NW Everett. Doors 6:00PM, program 6:30 Free

Meanwhile Art Spark focuses tonight on performance booking with the Portland-based Western Arts Alliance which operates over the West Coast and inland. Art Spark These events are great for creative, free ranging conversation and are free! at Holocene 5PM-9 Free

Heidi McBride is a new model art dealer and consultant. Her specialty is helping collectors explore their interests in a different atmosphere than a gallery. Tonight she expand that program, opening "about space" a 24x7 window gallery in the South Waterfront neighborhood. Artist Fae Young-Scherling’s shows an installation, BLUEPRINTS, ANCHORS, AMBITIONS. It's at 3660 SW River Parkway, at the corner of SW Gaines in the Atwater Place building. Reception 5:30PM-7 Free