Tuesday, November 03, 2009

November 5 Westside Art Openings

Dianne Kornberg is a photographer with whom I've had the privilege of studying. She is a master printmaker in silver and digital-based media. She has taken an Arbus-like gaze, cool, but enigmatic, at biological specimens, bugs, birds, bones, butterflies and seaweeds, isolated from their natural environment. Continuing the theme, India Tigers, are butterflies, loosely wrapped in paper folds, like diamonds, as they have traveled by air post. As children, we delighted in magical flying beasts, they seem now fewer; how is it we must import them from far India? At Elizabeth Leach www.elizabethleach.com 417 NW 9th

Scott Peterman, known for his portraits of ice fishing houses, is back with a collection of urban and natural landscapes. Not as odd as Misrach's, they are straightforward in the mode of 19th century explorer photographers, unlikely from the Yale school of his MFA. At Charles Hartman Gallery www.hartmanfineart.com 134 NW 8th

Jim Riswold was an ad man. Turning hitting communication style to art, he produces wry comment on culture as art, though not quite as cynical as Adbusters. At Augen www.augengallery.com 817 SW 2nd 8:30PM close

PNCA has a large array of galleries supporting its expanding program. In the 13th and Johnson building there should be interesting work in the MFA gallery - the old media gallery off the North end of the artium - a light art installation, media rarely seen in Portland, by Laura Hughes. Meanwhile the Feldman Gallery + Project Space has Depravities of War, large woodcut prints by Sandow Birk breaking down the process of our current warmaking. In the Room 214 gallery, Amanda Langston, Alfredo Lettenmaier, Yiu-Hong Leung, Jane Schiffauer and Allison Woodin show work inspired by their China residency as part of PNCA's Global Studios: China program. Meanwhile Little Gods involves animation by Chris Bodven, Katie Harral, Liz Harris, Chad Hinman, Shelley Jordon, Tabitha Knight, Alison Loader, Joey Lusterman, Akira Nakamura, Jeff Richardson, Jessie Weitzel and Cecilia Westerberg in the new office building twelve|west's Hybrid Gallery, 430 SW 13th

Kendra Larson shows mystical landscapes at Valentines myspace.com/valentineslifeblood 232 SW Ankeny Art 6PM, party 9:30

Blue Sky Gallery has "animal focused street photography" by Giacomo Brunelli made with his father's 1960's era 35mm SLR and developed in a low tech apartment darkroom. Joni Sternbach shows portraits of surfers made on finely detailed tintypes, a positive process using dangerous chemicals and developed on the exposure site. In the Nine Gallery, Jerry Mayer and Ellen George have collaborated on Scape. It will be interesting to see if they reconfigure it throughout the month. At Blue Sky Gallery. www.blueskygallery.org 122 NW 8th

The Everett Station Galleries are recommended as always for your viewing pleasure.