Tuesday, November 03, 2009

November 6 Eastside Art Openings

NAAU opens Oaks Park Pentimento by photographer Jim Lommisson, documenting beautiful paintings, hidden in plain sight, within the decaying amusement park's carousel. The paintings were done by two generations of artists, in 1912, and then painted over in 1944. Over the interviening years including floods, completely submerging the paintings, the old images emerged from behind the newer, making a beautiful accidental composite.

Lommison is an accomplished mid-career artist who has done outstanding idea-driven work, such as Exit Wounds, Iraq veteran portraits, stories and their own snapshots, his Katrina series, Heaven and Earth and Shadow Boxers, American Fight Clubs.

At New American Art Union www.newamericanartunion.com 922 SE Ankeny

Kunsthalle: Deutschland nach Portland is a show in Portland of artists in Berlin, and artists here who have worked there. Artists include Wolfgang F├╝tterer, Sanna-Lisa Gesang-Gottowt, Terrell James, Bo Joseph, Marte Kiessling, Sandra Preston, Per Schumann, Ole Ukena and Malte Zacharias. The show is a complemet to EAST/WEST Berlin:: RECONSTRUCTION, organized by Homeland to show Portland artists in Berlin. At Gallery Homeland www.galleryhomeland.org 2505 SE 11th x Division

Nemo is participating in the China-art-design theme now happening in Portland with Reflecting China, photographs by Shen Wei and Jane Tam, both based in the US. The show themes Chinese identity, in its scattered geography, amidst a rapidly changing world. At Nemo Design www.studionemo.com 1875 SE Belmont

Trish Grantham's illustration collage is instantly recognizable, she has collaborated with many Portland creative businesses to excellent effect. Her characters combine a sense of pathos with kawaii, the modern predicament. At Buy Olympia's Land Gallery www.landpdx.com 3925 N Mississippi 6PM-8

We live in an era of epic change, with a richly connected communication system to allow ut to be aware of it. 20yrs After Berlin Wall...Girls Doing Girl Thing! Artists Sanna-Lisa-Gesang-Gottowt, Alyssa Noches, Emily Lazar, Chloe Richard and Krystyn Strother show work. Tu Fawning performs at 9:30. At WorksoundPDX www.worksoundpdx.com 820 SE Alder 7-late

PNCA is programming the Lodge Gallery from time to time at the architecture firm. Tonight Cark Klimt and Daniel Glendening show Communication Breakdown. At the Lodge Gallery 1532 SW Morrison 6PM-8

Alex Steckly shows abstract paintings and sculpture. At Fourteen30 Gallery www.fourteen30.com 1430 SE 3rd

Local Goods is a new store focused on sustainable products. Tonight they open Polaroids by Amaren Colosi, collaging retro advertising photos and landscapes; and Sarah Cruse, illustration style paintings and prints. At Local Goods www.localgoodsllc.com 2136 E Burnside 5:30PM-8:30

Breeseblock Has Group Hug, Portland and San Francisco artists. At Breezeblock www.breezeblockgallery.com Gallery 1847 E. Burnside

In the 811 E Burnside Block

Grass Hut shows Its Out There - In Here, geometric abstractions by Mark Warren Jacques. At Grass Hut www.grasshutcorp.com

Redux has Muertos, Day of the Dead-inspired art. At Redux www.reduxpdx.com