Monday, January 04, 2010

January 10 The Dregs of Actual Things

The Marylhurst Art Gym repurposes a gym at a university to a large flexible art gallery, how sensible! In the past they have specialized in Portland mid career artists. They have expanded their vision as Portland's art world has expanded. This show is an example. The Imaginative Qualities of Actual Things is an installation by Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen documenting the remains and results of house fire where they lived. A more expansive piece is The Dregs by Brandy Cochrane and Paul Middendorf. Cochrane's grandparents passed away with a lifetime household of actual things, some of which were not sold in the estate sale. Cochrane and Mittendorf have arrayed them and used them as materials in a series of fantastic globes and references to family secrets. We all have old relatives, the interesting question is what will be in the future the digital dregs. At the Marylhurst College Art Gym. 17600 Pacific Highway (Hwy 43-McAdam Blvd.) The gallery is in the top floor of building A. Reception 3PM-5 Free